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Children have many opportunities to explore the joys of listening to and performing music throughout their years at Shelley Primary School. We have a School Choir and Orchestra that rehearse in school time and perform at the end of every term and all children in year three have the opportunity to learn how to play the Glockenspiel for a term.

In addition to the standard curriculum taught by a music specialist to all year groups, we have a number of instrumental teachers who visit Shelley each week. All pupils in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 have the opportunity to put their names down now to be considered for a place to start learning an instrument.

We currently offer lesson in and have children who play:

Baritone,  Cornet,  Violin,  ‘Cello,  Guitar,  Flute,  Clarinet, Saxophone  and Mini Bassoon.

 We are very excited to be able to offer such a broad range of instruments and urge all our parents to consider the numerous benefits for their child if they do take up lessons. It develops fine motor skills, confidence, concentration, self-esteem and can lead to the opportunities of joining bands and orchestras as they get older. It is so much easier to master a new skill at their age and so many adults wish they had had the chance to try! Have a look at the video of all the instruments available being played by our children at Shelley.

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