Shelley Primary School

Shelley Primary School
Life at Shelley Primary School


We provide opportunities for children to enjoy a variety of sports outside of their regular PE lessons.  These are reviewed termly and the list below is indicative of the engagements each term.

Teams from Shelley compete in various Horsham Schools Leagues and Competitions.


Table Tennis League
Netball League
Football Tournaments
Sports Skills


Tag Rugby Festival and Competition
Table Tennis League
Cross Country Competition
West Horsham Dance Festival
Swimming Gala
Netball League
Country Dancing Festival


Kwik Cricket Competitions
District Sports Competitions (Athletics)
Quad Kids Competitions (Athletics)
Rounders Competition
Stoolball Competition

We also have Sport Ambassadors who are nominated each term.  Children are able to put themselves forward for this role and each term one boy and one girl from year 5 plus one boy and one girl from year 6 will be voted in.  These children take on a little more responsibility for helping with and promoting sports activities around the school.

During the term, our staff will nominate two children from year 5 or 6 who will receive the Sports Person of the Week medal.  This is awarded for particular effort, achievement or attitude.